Our Testimonies

When arriving to Tech, I sought a way to continue to pursue the Lord with others. GT Christian Students was always there for me, welcoming me and supplying me with the faith to go on in Christ. Recently on a Spring break trip, I saw the essential vision that the pursuit of a Christian is nothing but Christ alone. This helped me guide my life to this central focus, knowing that all worldly pursuits without God are just vanity. Christian Students has helped me spiritually and practically and the shepherding in the Lord is such a blessing!

Timothy WooIMG_1740
Class of 2017!
Mechanical Engineering

I grew up in a Christian family, but it wasn’t until meeting with Christian Students at the beginning of my freshman year when I really had a turn to the Lord. I am so thankful and truly appreciate the believers I get to enjoy and experience the Lord Jesus with at Georgia Tech. There’s something so special about being with other Jesus lovers who are your age, go to the same school, and are in the same stage of life as you. Because of Christian Students I’m pursuing “with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart (2 Timothy 2:22)”. The Christian life was never meant to be a solo journey, especially in college with all the distractions and temptations facing us everyday. My first semester of college set the tone for my entire college experience and it really set the path for the rest of my life. And the path that I choose to take is nothing but Christ Himself! I give my college years to the Lord so that He can can work and dispense Himself into me to fulfill His eternal purpose!

HannahHannah Chen
2nd year
Industrial & Systems Engineering

Being a part of Christian Students has afforded me a tremendous way to go on with the Lord. Having a community of God-loving people on campus has helped to keep my heart toward the Lord seeking and my love for the Him fresh and new. Meeting with other Christians on my breaks during the day to read the word or pray really vitalizes and strengthens me to “fight the good fight of the faith” (1 Tim 6:12) and to pursue the Lord as the supreme precious One!


I was raised in a Christian family. As I was preparing to move to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech, I was excited about what the city and the school could offer me. I was eager to start a new chapter in my life. In this new era, I still wanted to continue my Christian life in a strong and healthy manner. Christian Students has helped me to carry on in this way with the fellowship.I have especially enjoyed the fellowship in the home meetings, which have taken place in all the homes of the families that I have met over the years. The meals that are provided during that time are great, but the food that is even more satisfying is from the Word, which is just God Himself (John 1:1). There is such a wonderful environment where I can share something that I enjoyed of the Lord from earlier in the week. I can also receive the supply from other believers by taking in what they have experienced. This mutual fellowship has been quite enlivening over the years. These home meetings have encouraged me to worship God, to contact, enjoy and experience Him throughout the week, with my spirit (John 4:24). This has allowed God to become subjective and real to me.Meeting in the homes has definitely allowed me to pursue the Lord, not only personally, but especially with others who love the Lord (2 Timothy 2:22). It has simply stimulated the growth of the divine life within me. This is worth more than anything that Atlanta could offer me.


Before I met Christian Students my Christian life had no purpose or drive. All my thoughts, desires, and decisions were centered on myself. Now I see that there is much more to my Christian life than initial salvation. Now I want God to make His home in my heart. My desire is to be one with Him in feeding and shepherding His sheep that His house would be built.M.S.