2018 ATL Summer Internship


GTCS Internship

Every summer thousands of new freshmen come to Georgia Tech and begin to make decisions that will set the course for the rest of their lives. Shouldn’t someone be there to tell them about Jesus?

Our primary goal in this internship is to help freshmen transition into college life with Christ as their center and Christians as their community.

You will experience the joy of serving with the team week by week in a variety of activities that will equip you and build you together with your fellow team members. We pray that Christ will be glorified and His Body will be built up this summer through our service.

Specific Goals / Internship Responsibilities

  • Contact incoming freshmen during the summer orientations
  • Participate in regional mission trips
  • Participate in daily planning sessions with the club service team
  • Setting up and staffing on-campus information table
  • Assisting new students with practical needs: locating buildings for orientation, mini campus tours, selecting classes and professors, rides to the store
  • Developing an ongoing relationship with new freshmen through the Bible Reading Challenge
  • Organizing and carrying out orientation events
  • Preparing printed and online fliers and signs

Support Offered

Limited financial support is available for student interns who may need it.


Here is a short video promo of the summer internship program developed by our sister club at UT Austin, Christian Students on Campus.